Healing Balms and Oils

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Charcoal Balm

The amazing detoxifying benefits of charcoal packed into a balm!

12.00 CAD

Neosporin Balm

A medicine cabinet must have! For your everyday cuts, burns, skin irritations and more!

12.00 CAD

Calendula Chickweed Balm

A miracle balm! It is amazing for so much more than just eczema and psoriasis!

12.00 CAD

Hot Tiger Balm

A must have for sore muscles, aches, pains and sore throats!

12.00 CAD

Vapor Rub

Clear up congestion with our all natural Vapor Rub!

12.00 CAD

Lavender Balm

The magic of lavender compressed into our all natural Lavender Balm!

12.00 CAD

Bear of a Headache *New and Improved*

Good bye headaches, hello relief! New and improved!!

12.00 CAD

Sandman Balm

Drift into a deep, peaceful sleep with this Sandman Balm.

12.00 CAD

Muscle & Joint Oil

This oil gives muscle aches and joint pains the one two punch!

15.00 CAD

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