Yoga Spray Sanitize your yoga mat and/or add some aromatherapy to your yoga practice using our Yoga Spray!  .. Product #: YOS based on 0 reviews Regular price: 9.00 CAD 9.00 CAD

Yoga Spray

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Our Yoga Mat sprays come in 4 different scents and can be used to sanitize your yoga mat or be used on the body, in the room or on the mat for an aromatherapy addition to your yoga prcatice!

The essential oils in these blends are not only aromatic but antibacterial.

Spritze your mat to clean or for aromatherapy, mist and wipe or mist the air of your space to add that little bit extra to your practice!


Peppermint, Eucalptus and Lavender

Bergamot and Lemon

Frankincense and Sage

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