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Charcoal Tea Tree Soap

Our black charcoal infused soap is not only a great bar of soap, but has healing properties as well!

5.00 CAD

Lemongrass Soap

Our customers favourite soap, and one of ours as well!

5.00 CAD

Citrusy Deodorant

Our most popular and mildest smelling all natural deodorant.

9.50 CAD

The One We Love Deodorant

A unique combination of Clary Sage, Spruce and Mandarin in this deodorant, which is the one we love!

9.50 CAD

1960 Meets 2017 Deodorant

A smell from the 60's meets the freshness of today!

9.50 CAD

Tea Tree & Lavender Deodorant

The calming scent of Lavender paired with the antibacterial properties of Tea Tree.

9.50 CAD

Mint Orange Deodorant

Freshing Mint paired with bright, sweet Orange!

9.50 CAD

Foot Powder

Stinky feet? Moisture in your shoes? This is the perfect solution!

9.00 CAD

Foot Crack Balm

Get rid of those cracks now with our Foot Crack Balm!

15.00 CAD

Stinky Foot Spray

Stinky Boots? Shoes? Gym bag? This is the perfect spray to help eliminate odour causing bacteria!

10.50 CAD

Hand Sanitizer

Our Origianl Hand Sanitizer will leave your hands so moisturized and bacteria free!

0.00 CAD

4 Thieves Liquid Soap

Our 4 Thieves Liquid soap has a beautiful spice smell with incredible antibacterial properties.

7.25 CAD

Fresh Fuity Liquid Soap

The combination of Citrus and Lavender in this soap makes it smell like spring!

7.25 CAD

Lavender Liquid Soap

This Lavender Soap is floral and fresh!

7.25 CAD

Lemon Liquid Soap

Our freshest smelling soap we have on our shelves!

7.25 CAD

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