Herbal Bath Soaks Unwind and relax with this herbal infused bath soak which can be used in the bath, as a foot soak or.. Product #: HBS based on 0 reviews Regular price: 5.00 CAD 5.00 CAD

Herbal Bath Soaks

Price: 5.00 CAD

3 or more 4.00 CAD

Relax and unwind in this herbal infused bath soak.

Himalayan salt which remineralizes the body and the cells.

Baking soda which is soothing to the skin and helps balance out the ph of your skin.

Essential oils which offer an aromatherapy aspect to help calm and revitalize.

Herbs which infuse in the water and help to offer skin health benefits. Herbs include Calendula petals, Lavender buds, and Rose petals.

Ingredients: Himalayan Salt, Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Witch Hazel, Calendula Petals, Lavender Buds, Rose Petals and essential oils


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