Baby Liquid Soap Nothing but the best for babies! Introduce them to 100% all natural products perfect for their gentl.. Product #: BLS based on 0 reviews Regular price: 7.50 CAD 7.50 CAD

Baby Liquid Soap

Nothing but the best for babies! They are brand new to this world and the best thing you can do for them is to introduce them to products that are all natural and free from fragrance, chemicals, harsh additives, SLS, and more!

This soap is delicate for baby's gentle skin and gentle head! Use this soap as a body wash and shampoo!

Ingredients: Purified Water, Castile Soap, Cocoglucoside (coconut), Vegetable Glycerin, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Aloe Vera Gel, and Chamomile essential oil

This is a vegan/plantbased product!

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