A little about who we are and where we came from...

After spending time in and out of the hospital as a child, when we first heard about how some of our “trusted” body care products could be causing us harm,

we came to realize we needed to make a change.

We started by making all-natural deodorant for ourselves and that’s where this all began. After countless courses and getting our diploma for herbal medicine and aromatherapy, we began making a lot more than just deodorant.

We are constantly growing and educating ourselves. We want you to be comfortable letting us know what you need and trusting that we will be able to come through with a 100% completely chemical free, all-natural product that we made perfect to suit your needs.

Our mission is to help educate the world about the chemicals in our everyday body care, pharmacy and cleaning products and to offer something natural in return.

Our products are 95% Vegan with the exception of a few items containing beeswax, and 100% vegetarian. We never have or will test on animals. We don’t believe in cruelty to animals in anyway: food, clothing and certainly not cosmetics and body care. Our ingredients are also sustainably sourced.

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